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Welcome to visit TianJin Bao Heng fluid control equipment Limited by Share Co., Ltd.cmd368亚投 -?官网推荐!
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MT intelligent series

SE non-invasive intelligent ser

The YMD smart series

SMD series upgrade

MD series electric actuator.

DKJ series electric actuators.

HAD series pneumatic actuators

ATD ATE type angular travel act

ZSL and ZSLD pneumatic long for

HE series control valves.

HP series high pressure control

HB series ball valves.

Butterfly valve.

Pneumatic long stroke actuator.

DKJ series electric actuators

Tianjin treasure constant fluid control equipment co., LTD. (former tianjin treasure constant control valves co., LTD.) was founded in 1992, is an electric, pneumatic actuators and electric, pneumatic control valves professional manufacturers. Through nearly thirty years of struggle development and the social from all walks of life friend's support, has developed as the covers an area of 14872 square meters, with assets of more than 7000 ten thousand yuan, more than 200 employees, annual sales reached tens of millions of dollars for a modern enterprise. In 2012, the company applied for the listing of the company and made a joint stock system reform. On August 5, 2013, the company was officially listed in the national sme share transfer system limited liability company. Our company has been the first to pass the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification in the industry, and has been awarded the honor of "small giant growth planning enterprise" and "high-tech enterprise" in tianjin high-tech zone. Our products are certified by CCC and CE.

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    Electric Power

  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

  • New Energy

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  • Metallurgical


  • Metallurgical


  • Metallurgical

    Building Material

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